Claudia Kuroi



Biographical Information
Kanji 黒井 クローディア
Romaji Kuroi Kurōdia
Gender Female
Ability Remote Teleportation
Personal Information
Status Alive
Occupation Thief
Affiliation ARES
Family Kobushi Kuroi (Daughter)
Kozuki Kuroi (Daughter)
Media Information
Image Gallery

Claudia Kuroi (黒井 クローディア, Kuroi Kurōdia) is the mother of Kobushi Kuroi and Kozuki Kuroi. She abandoned them when they were child, and later joined Ares for her own goal. She is also one of Ares executives.


Claudia is a slim young woman with long blonde hair. Her eyes have circles inside. She tends to change her clothes frequently. She is also very tall and well endowed.


She is a stereotypical person. She has a very strange relationship with her daughter and seem to think that she can do whatever she wants to them. She is shown to be very manipulative, being extremly kind to Fujiko Orisube only because she is the vessel of the Messiah and doesn't hesitate to throw away here allies once she doesn't need them anymore.


Her real goal was for her power to be amplified by the Messiah. However, since this has been done, all she's been doing is using her powers for destruction.


Remote Teleportation: Claudia has been given the same ability as her youngest daughter by the Glowing Fish: the ability to teleport. Just like her daughter, her power differentiates from Kyoutaro and Minami that can teleport themselves. She is able to send any objects (of reasonable size) or beings to different location. However she must firstly touch the target to do so. She is also able to summon them back to her.

After her power has been amplified by the Messiah, she can teleport whole buildings. It seems that the restriction of touch has also been lifted.

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