Biographical Information
Alias Machine Duke
Age Over 120
Gender Male
Ability Possession
Personal Information
Status Alive
Affiliation ARES
Media Information
Manga Debut Chapter 56
Image Gallery

Hephaitos is a member of Ares.

Appearance Edit

His original appearance is unknown. He claims to be an over 120 year old man. The previous body he took was a short-haired young girl. He later took over Marume Maruyama's body.

Personality Edit

He is shown to be a pervert, since he tends to dress the bodies he took with skimpy clothes, or mere bandages.

Plot Edit

He first appeared meeting alongside the other ARES members.

Abilities Edit

Possession: Hephaitos has the power to inhabit the body of a living being. Once the target is taken over, he can use their ESP abilities for himself.

Trivia Edit

  • In Greek Mythology, Hephaitos is the god of blacksmiths

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