Kobato Kugimiya
Kobato Kugimiya
Biographical Information
Kanji 釘宮 小鳩
Romaji Kugimiya Kobato
Gender Female
Ability Physical Permeation
Personal Information
Status Unknown
Occupation Terrorist
Media Information
Anime Debut Episode 8
Voiced by Yū Kobayashi (Japanese)
Alex Moore (English)
Image Gallery

Kobato Kugimiya (釘宮 小鳩, Kugimiya Kobato) is an esper with the power of physical permeation. She is also a terrorist, though she has not officially joined the Professor's group.

Appearance Edit

She wears a long sleeved white shirt. She has short hair and purple lip.

Personality Edit

She seems to be quite sadistic. She calls the Professor as the god of new world.

Plot Edit

Minami Azuma tried to to recruit her. She then orderer Kobato to kill people. She went to an amusement park, where she began her terror. However, she was defeated by Rinka Urushiba. Later, she was seen being interrogated by Nabeshima and others, she claimed that she wanted to joined the Professor.

Abilities Edit

Physical Permeation: She shares the same ability as Rinka. However, it seems that she can't utilize it properly. This power has disappeared, since Peggi ate the Glowing Fish inside her body.

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