Marume Maruyama
Biographical Information
Kanji 丸山 マルメ
Romaji Maruyama Marume
Gender Female
Ability Technology Manipulation
Personal Information
Status Alive
Occupation Student
Affiliation ESP Academy
Media Information
Manga Debut Chapter 31
Image Gallery

Marume Maruyama (丸山 マルメ, Maruyama Marume) is Ren Jomaku's close friend, an esper, and a student at ESP Academy. She is also a fan of Crow Head.

Appearance Edit

Marume is a girl with average height and weight. She has short white hair and her eyes are black.

Personality Edit

She is a talkative person. She is also somewhat playful.

History Edit

She was saved by the Crow Head, and was given a mask of crow that resembling to Azuma's. She began to adore him and became his fan.

Abilities Edit

Technology Manipulation: She has the ability of technology manipulation, also known as technopathy. This power allows her to manipulate any technology, such as machines, computers, mobile phones, and other devices.

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