Biographical Information
Kanji ペリコ
Romaji Periko
Gender Female
Ability Telepathy
Personal Information
Status Alive
Media Information
Anime Debut Episode 11
Voiced by Minori Chihara (Japanese)
Jamie Marchi (English)
Image Gallery

Pelico (ペリコ, Periko) is a pelican. She is also an esper with the power of telepathy.

Appearance Edit

Pelico is an ordinary pelican.

Personality Edit

She is rather talkative, and kind.

Plot Edit

She was a pelican that Kyotaro Azuma met when he was trapped on a deserted island. She promised that she would help him, if Kyotaro would also help her in order to search a lover for her. She helped Kyotaro to fight the Professor. She was later escaped along with Rinka's friends.

Abilities Edit

Telepathy: By the Glowing Fish, Pelico has been given the ability to mentally talk with others. It's also strong enough to reveal all of the Professor's illusions.

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