Reia Ozora
Biographical Information
Kanji 大空 麗亜
Romaji Ōzora Reia
Gender Female
Personal Information
Status Alive
Occupation Politican
Media Information
Anime Debut Episode 7
Voiced by Fuyuka Ōura (Japanese)
Linda Leonard (English)
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Reia Ozora (大空 麗亜, Ōzora Reia) is a member of Congress. She is also the mother of Ayumu Ozora.


She is a middle-aged woman.


She believed all espers were criminals, until she was saved by the White Girl, who is an esper as well. She started to change the way of seeing them.


She continously blamed espers for terrorizing, beliving they were all the same. She was later saved by her son from an esper who attacked her on the day of election campaign. However, she found that Ayumu is an esper himself. She felt disappointed, and eventually decided to send Ayumu to the "Esper Reception Facility".

On Christmas Eve she was trapped in the National Diet and become one of hostages. In the end, she was rescued by the White Girl. Because Rinka is an esper herself, she started to change her view to see them. She later apologized to her son, Ayumu, while moved to tears.