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Tokyo ESP Character Song
Tokyo ESP Character Song
Artist Ibuki Kido, Keisuke Komoto, Megumi Ogata, et al.
Released November 12, 2014

Tokyo ESP Character Song Utau ESP is a character song album featuring six songs performed by the voice actors and actresses of the Tokyo ESP Anime.

Tracklist Edit

  • "STAY WHITE" sung by Ibuki Kido (Rinka Urushiba)
  • "Miracles Come True!" sung by Keisuke Komoto (Kyotaro Azuma)
  • "Fist of Pride" sung by Mai Aizawa (Kobushi Kuroi)
  • "PePeGa Kueh! Kueh!" sung by Azusa Tadokoro & Kaoru Mizuhara (Murasaki Edoyama & Peggi)
  • "WALKING IN TEMPO" sung by Megumi Ogata (Ayumu Ozora)
  • "Vermillion utopia" sung by Sachika Misawa (Minami Azuma)
  • "To Change the World", a bonus track, performed by Evan Call (Elements Garden)

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